Dreamy psychodelic stretches in which everything throbs, vibrates and kinetically flows with fractal progression, phantasmagoric cosmic landscapes – wonderful world that sprouts up from Boris Petrovski's fantasy whose paintings mesmerize your senses evoking unrepeatable cinematic expirience in which spacial and time coordinates are displaced and you are already pushed in to a new dimension.

AFADRENALINE (Abstract Fluoro Adrenaline) aka Boris Petrovski is an award-winning visual artist, Sculpture and Graphic design graduate (1998) at the faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. Since 1996, Afadrenaline has put forward a number of original deco and installation ideas working on festivals and party events in Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Japan, Tunisia and many more. He continues to follow his artistic inspiration creating a new artwork concept which nowadays is transformed from the canvas into a digital art form, 3D visualizations, inflatable objects and installations.

Based in Skopje, Afadrenaline has available regular low-budget flight connections to different international destinations throughout Europe.